Transport Conceptual Model

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This class allows to store data about transport (number of vehicles, renewal rate, …) of different transportation groups (municipal fleet, public transport, private/commercial cars, etc). It can optionally associate a spatial element (e.g the administrative area where the fleet is contained, the spatial extent of the public transport line being described, etc).

Attribute Name Attribute Description Data type Notes
UUID Primary ID text string Unique ID for the transport type record
GEOMETRY Geomerty Geomerty Optional. Can be either point or 2D line
TRANSPORTS_TYPE Transport type text string E.g. municipal fleet, public transport, private/commercial transport, electric/hybrid transport, etc
TRANSPORTS_NVEH Number of vehicles integer number Number of vehicles (measured or estimated) belonging to the specific transport type
TRANSPORTS_RENOV Vehicle yearly renovation rate real number The ratio of renewd vehicles per yearto the total number of vehicles of the specific transport type