EnergyAmount Conceptual Model

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This class allows to store all the information about energy: primary energy production, final energy consumption, renewable production, vehicle fuel consumption.

Attribute Name Attribute Description Data type Notes
UUID Primary ID text string Unique ID for the energy record
UUID_JOIN Join ID text string The primary ID of the element (of table Building, Installations or Transports) to which the energy consumption / production refers
UUID_JOIN_CLASS Reference to join class CODELIST Buildings, Installations or Transports
ENERGYAMOUNT_E_YEAR Date (begin) date If the energy measurement refers to an istantaneous moment in time (e.g. a meter reading) write the timestamp here. If the measurement refers to an interval in time (e.g. the energy consumed in a month), write the start date of the interval here.
ENERGYAMOUNT_E_YEAR_END Date (end) date Optional. Use it if the measurement refers to an interval in time (e.g. the energy consumed in a month) to write the end date of the interval.
ENERGYAMOUNT_E_AMOUNT Energy value real number For buildings and installations: The amount of energy consumed or produced - For transports: The amount of fuel consumed
ENERGYAMOUNT_E_UOM Energy unit of measure CODELIST
ENERGYAMOUNT_E_SOURCE Energy carrier CODELIST Energy carrier /Fuel type E.g. electricity, hot water (district heating), GPL, Gasoline, Natural gas, etc
ENERGYAMOUNT_E_USE Energy use CODELIST E.g. production (renewables), heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water, illumination, domestic appliances, transportation, etc
ENERGYAMOUNT_E_TYPE Energy type CODELIST E.g. primary, final, demand, estimated. To distinguish between energy production (at plants, primary), consumption (final), needs (demand) and simulations (estimated).
ENERGYAMOUNT_E_TARIFF Energy tariff text string Energy tariff or fuel price
ENERGYAMOUNT_E_METHOD Accounting method text string How the consumption is determined. E.g. for transportation: direct measurement, estimated from total Km, etc - E.g. for buildings/intallations: from bills, from smart meters, etc
ENERGYAMOUNT_ESTIMATEDCO2 CO2 equivalent real number