ELISE Action of ISA2 Programme

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The Digital Economy Unit of the EC Joint Research Centre (JRC), in cooperation with other services of the European Commission, is co-ordinating the European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government (ELISE), Action 4.1 of the ISA2 programme).

The ELISE Action is a package of legal/policy, organisational, semantic and technical interoperability solutions to facilitate efficient and effective electronic cross-border or cross-sector interaction between European public administrations and between them and citizens and businesses, in the domain of location information and services, supporting Digital Single Market (DSM), Better Regulation (BR) and Public Sector Modernisation (PSM) goals. It is aligned with the proposed focus of ISA2 on European public administrations, businesses and citizens, and the need to ensure that best practice interoperable solutions are deployed across the European Union (EU).

Within this context, the undersigned FRANCESCO PIGNATELLI, ELISE Project Leader, hereby confirms the willingness to support the activities of the Interreg Central Europe CitiEnGov project (CE496). The interest is related to the focus of CitiEnGov project on energy data at level of buildings, which is linked to the Energy pilot undertaken by the JRC in the framework of the ELISE action.

In this context, the Municipality of Ferrara (CitiEnGov associated partner) together with the project lead partner (SIPRO) will collect spatial and energy related data may be of interest and useful for the ELISE Energy pilot, in particular for the Use Case 2 “Comparative analysis of different methodologies and datasets for Energy Performance Labelling of buildings”, aiming at developing different geo-processing services to automatically calculate the “energy labels” of buildings based on spatial information and basic attributes (e.g. age of construction, surfaces, volumes, …).

Download Letter of Intent signed.