CitiEnGov and BOOSTEE-CE projects

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In April 2018, the coordinators of Interreg Central Europe projects BOOSTEE-CE (Boosting Energy Efficiency in Central European Cities through Smart Energy Management) and CitiEnGov (Cities for a Good Energy Governance) are signing an agreement to collaborate and create synergies between the two projects.

The mutual interest is related to the focus of both projects on energy data at level of buildings, from two different and complementary perspectives:

  • BOOSTEE-CE: developing a 3D energy management system and pilot actions
  • CitiEnGov: providing a transnational methodology to harmonize energy-related data

In this context, the Municipality of Ferrara (CitiEnGov associated partner) already collected, integrated and harmonized spatial data (2D) and energy related data (annual gas/electricity consumptions, buildings' performances, production from RES installations, ...) about municipal and private buildings that may be of interest and useful for BOOSTEE-CE (in particular within the framework of WPT2).

Viceversa, BOOSTEE-CE may provide to CitiEnGov project examples of 3D models and associated attributes of buildings that are located in the territory of Emilia-Romagna region.

Download draft letter of intent.