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In this section municipalities and other stakeholders interested in energy field can find templates of project activities that were used in CitiEnGov project.

Templates are more or less blank documents that can be changed or updated and used for similar activities. In this section, the reader can, for example find templates for creating questionnaires about energy efficiency projects, agreements etc. The national section is designed in the same way with the difference that templates can be used mainly on the national level.

The goal of this section is to help the stakeholders to fasten the process of structuring similar activities and get more useful results. Templates are available in pdf formats; the pdf documents are not locked so they can be transformed into doc., docx. or other formats.

Questionnaire for cataloguing best practices

This questionnaire is for collecting structured information about best practices in energy planning and management in Central European regions.

Best practices from CitiEnGov were collected from project partners, who identified them basing upon the experience they had from their region. Each of the partners was asked to indicate at least 8 practices from their region, including at least 1 bad practice.

All the sectors (buildings, transport and public lighting) can be represented and the practices my have a wide variety: from the ones that have educational nature to IT solutions and financial incentives on national level.

Download this template

Methodology for valorizing existing knowledge online questionnaire

This questionnaire has been defined as part of the deliverable D.T.1.1.2 of the Interreg Central Europe "CitiEnGov" project.

The scope of the questionnaire is to collect and then analyse existing EU projects about Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Energy Efficiency (EE), to be integrated with Best/Bad practice catalogue.

Respondents are asked to provide information about projects and initiatives, possibly based on existing web sites, platforms and other online sources.

Some examples of sources to be considered are:

Download this template].

Information about energy-related data already available

With this template we collected and then analysed results from partners about "Energy data" available in the regions of CitiEnGov regions.

The questionnaire was addressed (but not limited) to CitiEnGov partners and other local stakeholders (e.g. public authorities, business support organisations, consultants, advisors, researchers...), in order to have a more comprehensive and balanced overview, independent from personal opinions or knowledge.

The concept of "Energy data" include data about:

  • energy production and distribution
  • energy real consumption
  • energy estimated needs and performances

In CitiEnGov context, energy data are data (raw/detailed or statistics/aggregated) being to be used for defining energy plans (e.g. SEAP/SECAP) or to monitor them. Energy data refer to buildings, transport and public lighting. Questions have been organized in the following sections:

  1. general section (questions about the respondent)
  2. energy sources, production and distribution
  3. energy consumption and energy performance for municipal buildings
  4. energy consumption and energy performance for other buildings
  5. energy consumption for transport
  6. energy consumption for public lighting
  7. CO2 emission factors

Download this template

Templates for data sharing

This section contais examples of letters of agreement related to energy data sharing that may be considered as a starting point to define new agreements between different organizations.